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Whitechapel Gallery

The Whitechapel Gallery, just a brief stroll from our stores, has a rich history and vibrant contemporary art scene. Established in 1901, this gallery has nine exhibition rooms, study and studio spaces, a bookshop, and a restaurant.

Dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge art from across the globe, the Whitechapel Gallery also proudly supports local talent, ensuring a diverse and dynamic range of artistic expression.

Entry to the gallery is complimentary, offering a warm and inclusive atmosphere to all visitors. While certain events and exhibitions may require tickets, the free access promises an array of breathtaking artworks. Beyond exhibitions, the gallery hosts screenings, enlightening talks, musical performances, book launches, and enriching art classes.

Explore their calendar of events and exhibitions – a treasure trove of cultural delights awaits to captivate and inspire you.

77-82 Whitechapel High St, Tower Hamlets, London, E1 7QX
Street Art

Shoreditch is an area that is full of colour with walls covered in amazing street art. This is an area where street art is accepted and people are encouraged to add their art to the walls. Stroll down the backstreets of Shoreditch and you are guaranteed to see some amazing works from some very talented artists.

If at some point in your stroll, you find yourself walking along Rivington Street you will notice some recognisable street art from Banksy. Here you will find the 'Designated Graffiti Area' and 'Guard Dog' two of Banksy's works. This street has a strong connection with Banksy and was where he hosted his first London exhibition in May 2000. Here he showcased 12 stencils which he got up in 25 minutes then held a party with drinks and music blasting out the back of a transit van. Rivington Street not only has some great art from the famous Banksy but also has much more from some of the other top street artists.

Museum Of The Home

The museum is situated in the 300-year-old almshouses in Hoxton about a ten-minute walk from our shop on Hanbury Street. The building was built in 1714 and was funded by Sir Robert Geffrye whose statue is now found on the almshouses.

The building was bought by the Council in 1911 so that they could make sure the building and gardens were looked after. They soon then realised they could open this space to the public so decided to open the Geffrye Museum on 2 April 1914. The Museum later closed in 2018 for a major rebuild project. In 2021 the Museum reopened with new galleries, learning spaces, a cafe and various other rooms.

At the museum now you can see exhibitions and installations ranging from art, poetry, music and many more interesting topics. The museum also offers events which are great spaces to meet locals and learn about a range of different things. These events are often very children-friendly with lots of family day events as the museum has a focus on children.

136 Kingsland Rd, Hoxton, London, E2 8EA
Kate MacGarry Gallery

The Kate MacGarry Gallery is a contemporary art gallery situated ten minutes from our Hanbury Street store. The gallery was founded in 2002 at 27 Old Nichol Street just off the well-known Redchurch Street. This gallery introduces many artists into the art world who then go on to have worldwide success and showcases many artists who have won well-respected prizes. The gallery's exhibitions are always changing and are showcasing some great unique art that is worth seeing.

27 Old Nichol St, Shoreditch, London, E2 7HR
Dennis Severs House

The house is located on Folgate Street a five-minute walk from our Hanbury Street store. It was created by Dennis Severs who lived there until he died in 1999. He moved into the house in 1979 so that he could create a house about an imaginary family who had lived there since 1724 called the Huguenot's. This house is a step back in time where you will see things that that make you feel like you are in the 18th century.

The house is open Thursday to Sunday with a staggered entry system so it is recommended to pre-book.

18 Folgate St, Spitalfields, London, E1 6BX

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