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Step into a realm of style and refinement with our curated selection of barbers, chosen to complement your latest Wear London outfit and perfect your sharp look. These barbers are more than just places to get a haircut; they are cultural hubs where stories are shared, bonds are formed, and timeless traditions are celebrated. In this blog, we focus on some of our favourite barbers that all offer different experinces from whisky shots to perfectly brewed coffee. Join us as we recommend and celebrate the neighborhood barbers who ensure the local men are looking sharp.


Just a leisurely ten-minute stroll from our Hanbury Street store awaits Murdock, a renowned barbershop that has firmly established itself in the heart of Shoreditch. Murdock Barbers' journey began in 2006 on Old Street in Shoreditch, and since then, they've gracefully transitioned to the vibrant Redchurch Street, just a stone's throw away. Their influence has expanded beyond Shoreditch, reaching Covent Garden, Soho, and even crossing the Atlantic to New York.

More than a grooming destination, Murdock Barbers sets itself apart by prioritizing holistic well-being. All their barbers are Mental Health First Aid Trained, ensuring they are not only skilled hair artisans but empathetic listeners. Murdock Barbers is dedicated to leaving every customer brimming with confidence, delivering top-notch haircuts, precise shaves, and expert beard trims.

In their commitment to exceptional service, they pamper you with complimentary beverages, including a selection of coffee, beer, gin, and whisky. At Murdock Barbers, it's not just about the cut; it's about an experience that leaves you looking and feeling your absolute best.
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Haircut: From £38
46 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London, E2 7DP
Thy Barber

Under a ten-minute walk from our Brushfield Store is Thy Barber. Thy Barber Shop was founded by Frank Rimer in 2014 originally as a pop barbershop getting involved at tattoo shows over Europe.

Frank transitioned from a successful concession store in the renowned Bike Shed in Shoreditch to become a global Educator. He shares his expertise by teaching in salons and on stages worldwide, gaining recognition through features in prominent magazines like BarberEvo, Modern Barber Mag, Grazia, GQ, Clutch Magazine, and editorial publications in VOGUE.

In 2019, Thy Barber underwent a relocation, transitioning from their modest 3x6 meter space to an elegantly adorned 19th-century shop spanning two floors. Nestled in the renowned Cheshire St. of East London, this move positions them just a few steps away from the iconic Brick Lane. Thy Barber's new place is inspired by the deep south of America. It's decked out with old-school 1870s colonial decor and some cool apothecary-style furnishings. They've got tunes from the past playing, making it feel like you've stepped back into the past.

Haircut: From £36
22 Cheshire St, Shoreditch, London, E2 6EH

Nestled within a brief five-minute stroll from our Brushfield Street store, Swagger Barbers has a special place in our heart. Pioneering their craft in 2016, they've gracefully weathered the industry's challenges, successfully creating a devoted clientele. Over the years, their commitment to excellence has not only grown but also gained them a loyal customer base who trust that they will emerge with a polished, sharp look after each visit.

Their vision was to create a barbering haven where men could indulge in pampering while still embracing their masculinity. Picture an ambiance reminiscent of a vintage gentleman's club, where clients not only receive top-notch haircuts but also savor finely brewed coffee or a shot of whisky.

The exceptional team at Swagger Barbers they give ensure a great experince. During our visits, we've consistently felt embraced and had a laugh. With a cumulative industry experience exceeding 50 years, their skill level is evident in the impeccable results of each haircut. If you seek not only a stellar haircut but also engaging conversation, laughter, and a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, look no further than Swagger Barber as it is the ultimate choice for you.

Haircut: From £28
7 Harrow Pl, Spitalfields, London, E1 7DB
Parts & Labour Barbers

A mere fifteen-minute stroll from our Hanbury Street store leads you to Parts & Labour Barbers, strategically positioned in the vibrant hub of activity. Nestled within the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, this barber shop is not just a place for a haircut; it's a haven where motorcycle enthusiasts convene for a good time. Within this dynamic space, you'll find more than just skilled barbers – there's a tattoo parlour, a coffee shop, and a host of other attractions.

As a go-to spot for a haircut, the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club offers an added culinary bonus. Before indulging in their expert grooming services, treat yourself to a fantastic meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Savour mouthwatering options like burgers, pulled pork, or even a hearty Sunday roast, setting the stage for your visit to the biker-styled barber shop, where a sharp look is guaranteed.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, Parts & Labour Barbers is the perfect spot. Immerse yourself in the complete biker experience, perhaps even finding the perfect leather jacket to complement your haircut. To elevate the experience further, ride in on your bike and take advantage of their dedicated motorcycle parking. It's more than just a haircut; it's a full-throttle adventure for those who share a passion for motorcycles and a desire to leave looking impeccably sharp.

Haircut: From £32
384 Old St, Shoreditch, London, EC1V 9LT
Strap & Scraper

A short stroll, less than ten minutes away from our Hanbury Street store and just off the iconic Brick Lane, leads you to Strap & Scraper. They are a classic British barber who pays homage to the heritage of the country and traditional British barbering. The choice of the name Strap and Scraper dates back to Victorian England, a name given to barbers during that era by the Victorians themselves.

Ensuring top-notch service, the team at Strap & Scraper engages in friendly chats to understand your haircut preferences, ensuring a tailored style that suits you. Elevating the experience, they provide great music and refreshments, adding that extra touch to your time in the barber's chair.

Carefully selecting their barbers, Strap & Scraper guarantees a high-class haircut for every customer. Among their professional barbers, Louis and Papi, each with extensive experience in the business, ensure you leave the barber shop exactly as you envisioned. Beyond their barbering skills, Louis and Papi share diverse interests such as football, photography, basketball and many more creating an atmosphere where engaging conversations and a good time are always part of the exceptional experience they offer.

Haircut: From £41
38 Cheshire St, Shoreditch, London, E2 6EH
Baba Barber

A brief fifteen-minute walk from our Hanbury Street store, and you'll discover Baba Barber, a well-established family-run gem in the grooming scene. With years of experience under their belt, Baba Barber has perfected the art of delivering top-notch grooming services. Simply walk in, and the skilled barbers will ensure you leave with a sharp and refined look.

At Baba Barber, the focus is on providing exceptional haircuts, precise shaves, and expert beard trims. The seasoned barbers, trained to perfection, guarantee a grooming experience that exceeds expectations. But that's not all – they take it a step further by offering complimentary amenities such as face masks, waxing, and the luxury of hot towels, elevating your grooming session to a whole new level.

Baba Barber isn't just a barbershop; it's a haven where tradition meets modernity, offering a concise yet comprehensive grooming experience that leaves you not just groomed but revitalized.

Haircut: From £25
8 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, London, E2 8DA

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