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Article: WEAR LONDON - A Little History...

WEAR LONDON - A Little History...

WEAR LONDON - A Little History...


Well...our website is, at least.

(If you haven't checked it out, find us at

The concept of Wear London itself, is actually a few years old - three to be exact!  The brainchild of myself (Alex) and Matt. 

It was just an Instagram page initially. 

A place where we could document our love of jackets and also to show some 'behind-the-scenes' work that we do with various well known British brands and how we help to bring their product to life inside our select UK factories.

To Look at the two of us, you might immediately think "a good mixture of experience and youth" - the perfect combo for a fashion brand!? 

(You may of course be thinking something totally different! Like "how the hell did those two end up together....") - I am keeping it clean.



It's a long story dating back about 14 years, involving Hong Kong, two clothing supply companies, a Bangladesh factory, a car park, numerous lunches and an idea.

The strange thing is, we are from opposite ends of the country.  Matt being from Southend (the greatest place on earth, apparently) and me being from Swansea.  

Maybe it was fate that brought us together...maybe it was the fashion Gods (the ones who love 3-pocket overshirts as much as us!).

Whatever it was, it seemed to work.

Fast forward to 2020 and the painful uppercut that Covid-19 gleefully dished out to the world.  

As we watched the retail industry shed jobs and we saw brands cancel, reduce or delay orders...we had to come up with a plan to keep our factory busy. 

I guess the idea had always been in the back of our minds to launch Wear London as a brand of its own, but the Covid situation was the catalyst that helped bring it to life...

...and so here we are...1 week old!


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The Idea
1 week old

The Idea

Our idea at Wear London, is to bring manufacturing back to the UK. We have started, by creating a beautiful range of mens jackets and over shirts, all made right here in Britain...

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