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We have put together a handbook showcasing our collection of SS/24 shackets. Each of these shackets have been crafted from the finest Italian fabric, here in the UK. Boasting a diverse range of styles, these shackets cater to various occasions and preferences. Our aim in compiling this handbook is to assist you in discovering your ideal shacket.


Our original Commercial Shacket remains a top pick among our customers, thanks to its classic design featuring three pockets and an easy button-up closure.

The shacket is typically worn in different styles: some opt to button it up all the way, while others prefer to leave the top button open. Leaving the bottom button undone adds a touch of extra flow to the jacket, giving it a relaxed and effortless feel.

This shacket is incredibly versatile. Pair it casually with our Ezra Jeans and White Trueman T-Shirt for a relaxed look, or elevate your style by combining it with a Chapman Shirt and Buxton Trousers for a more polished outfit.


The Wilkes Shacket is one of our top picks, loved by our customers for its timeless style, durable build, and versatility. Its classic tailoring has earned it a permanent spot in our collections.

With its four-pocket design, this shacket feels rugged and practical, adding a utility vibe to your outfit. The simple yet stylish detailing above the pockets adds a touch of class.

Recommended for casual wear, it pairs effortlessly with our Trueman T-shirt and Newington Joggers. And if you want to dress it up a bit, just layer it over one of our Chapman shirts for a more polished look.


The Chiltern Shacket is a great choice for the Spring/Summer season and a favourite among our staff for its simple yet stylish appearance.

This shacket shares a design similar to the Commercial Shacket, featuring the same three-pocket layout. However, the Chiltern sets itself apart with a hidden third pocket, introducing a subtle detail that blends practicality with sophistication.

This Spring/Summer we have kept it simple by not including a lining. This decision not only contributes to the shacket's sleek and streamlined aesthetic but also makes it an ideal companion for the Spring/Summer season.

Pair it with a Hoxton T-shirt and our Newington Cargo Joggers for a comfortable everyday outfit that's perfect for any occasion.


The Bailey Shacket has been a standout in our Spring/Summer collection, largely due to its careful attention to detail which many customers love.

This shacket features a four-pocket design, including two regular pockets and a hidden chest pocket, similar to the Chiltern. However, it also has a small ticket pocket just above the right-hand side pocket, adding a vintage touch and showcasing attention to detail.

This shacket pairs well with our Wentworth trousers and Trueman T-shirt, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. As the temperature drops, it can also be layered under one of our winter coats for added warmth, making it a versatile choice for colder months.


We introduced the Thatcher Shacket last season, and it was a favourite of everyone so we couldn't resist bringing it back for SS/24. This versatile piece quickly became a fan favourite, and we're excited to offer it once again for the upcoming season.

This shacket features a three-pocket design, including two convenient side pockets and a hidden chest pocket. To improve its quality, we've added orange binding on the inside, providing a stylish detail that adds to the overall aesthetic of the shacket.

For an ideal Spring/Summer outfit, match this with our Ezra Jeans and Hoxton T-shirt for a relaxed spring vibe. This outfit is perfect for everyday wear.


The Billingham Shacket is a newcomer to our SS/24 lineup! We're excited about its debut and have high expectations for its performance in the months ahead.

The shacket maintains the design elements of the commercial shacket, featuring a three-pocket design with two side pockets and a chest pocket. However, it distinguishes itself with orange binding on the inside, adding attention to detail and improving the shacket's aesthetic. We have also crafted it from a showerproof fabric, the same as what we use on our Macs, ensuring you stay dry on rainy spring days.

When you combine this shacket with our Clarke Trousers and Trueman T-Shirt, you'll have a classic and sophisticated look that's suitable for various occasions.


The Kate Shacket is a fresh addition to the new collection and is perfectly suited for the Spring/Summer season with its blend of style and practicality.

The Kate Shacket features a three-pocket layout, including two side pockets and a chest pocket. The chest pocket features a button-up flap, adding thoughtful detail and creating a subtle utility vibe. The shacket also includes orange binding inside improving the aesthetic and attention to detail of the shacket.

Pair it with our Ezra Jeans and one of our Polo Shirts for the ideal Spring/Summer outfit, perfect for sunny days.

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