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Donald-Elon-Mick-George. Wear London


 No more fast buck, when are they gonna learn their lesson?

In this prosaic world of fast fashion, fabrication has sadly taken a back seat.

Not here at Wear London, we are addressing that with our own version of the Fab four.

Now, you have heard of The Beatles, and you may have heard of the Ninja Turtles, but those of you who are aficionado’s of these Machiavellian blogs, you will have definitely heard of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

So, brace yourselves, hold on to your disintegrating high street joggers, because my friends, here at Wear London it’s all about quality not quantity.


  1. Moleskin - garnered from Prato Italy, this beautifully soft, brushed BCI Cotton fabric is a sure fire Chicken dinner ! It is luxurious, fabulously tactile, much like Donald Trump’s meticulously coiffured hair! Quite simply it’s a pleasure to wear [London] .  The secret is in the finishing process, washed in the waters of the  Pratesi  river, arguably the softest water East of Hemel Hempstead, which gives this fabric it’s premium touch.
  2. Superflex – which, my learned friends, is a registered trade mark fabric exclusive to Wear London. It is a fabric developed  for maximum comfort. It has a stretch ability of up to 40% but recovers better than Bit coin after an Elon Musk tweet!  It is made with BCI Cotton because sustainability is so important.  We use it for both Jackets and our smart joggers which look like a trouser, feels as comfortable as a jersey jogger but are as rugged as a jean.
  3. Recycled Wool – The Italians have been producing this sustainable fabric for decades.  The process begins with old woollen garments which are compressed into Bales, recycling these old clothes into yarns ready for the weaving process.  “Sustainability “ I hear you cry, well, in the words of that ginger winger Mick Hucknell “ You’ve got it”.  At Wear London we use these fabulous fabrics, of multiple designs, to make outstanding garments such as Shackets, Jackets and  “waste”coats!
  4. Proofed BCI Cotton – Last but not least, of the fab four, found on the shores of Lake Como, just a well manicure stone’s throw from where the mercurial  George Clooney resides in a Lake side pile, no doubt counting his good fortune and maybe the millions of dollars safely tucked away in a Lichtenstein tax haven.  Our wonderful mill produces BCI cottons which are Shower proofed for us to make our stunning Wear London macs for you wonderful people to keep dry in our increasingly inclement weather!


So there you have it, nothing hackneyed about it this lot. Donald, Elon, Mick & George, our fab four, who we doubt have ever worked “8 days a week” in their lives, or had “A hard days night” on their “Long and winding road”

And they look so pretty in their new lace sleeves.

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