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Spitalfields-The-Come-Back-non-plussed Wear London


“New broom, this room, sweep it clean.”
Spitalfields has a fascinating history and a real visceral connection with Wear London.
The diminutive Gaffer’s whole family have been ensconced around the cobbled streets of this beautiful enclave for decades. Generations of his family from Grandfather, Father, Brother to Uncles were all working as market porters. His Grandparents lived above what is now the cycle shop in Commercial Street and frequented the Golden Heart pub on a daily basis.
Spitalfields has a long history of producing fabrics, starting with the Huguenots who built it into a centre of Silk weaving excellence. The Irish weavers joined the afore mentioned Huguenots but found it difficult to compete with cheap French imports. Unrest quickly followed leading to the Spitalfields riots.  There followed a decline of the local industry and concluded the fabric production in the area.  It became poverty stricken and by the end of the 19th Century it had become the most criminal area in London.
Fast forward to a thriving new era. Packed with esoteric food stalls and a diverse retail environment, its Spitalfields – The Come Back…. Wear London is proud to be associated with this area and will continue to educate the inhabitants and visitors of this corner of East London on a fabric journey that is based on quality not quantity and with recycling at its core. We begin the next phase of our retail journey on 17th June at 105 Commercial Street and, my beautiful Wear London aficionado’s, it’s going to be off the scale! So please come and see us in our element, help us navigate our path to greatness and untold riches.  Then watch us as we destroy our legacy in a messy weekend in Jaywick on sea, fuelled by 12 party 7’s washed down with Blue Nun and White lightening and an enormous Warnicks Advocaat chaser! Other branded drinks are also readily available.  
Seriously folks, we are back, and we couldn’t be happier.  The Gaffer, to coin one of his famous football colloquialisms, is over the moon.  Big Dave is nonplussed and couldn’t be extracted from Paddy Power for a comment. Alex, our Welsh wizard was also nonplussed and couldn’t be extracted from Dolly the sheep for a comment. Big Jim was equally nonplussed and couldn’t be torn away from his 22nd holiday of the year for a comment either. Robbie was equally non-plussed and couldn't be extracted from wherever he was connected to. Conversely, Glen would run over broken glass in his beautifully manicured feet just to stand rather awkwardly in our exulted company, and yours truly, well I have never had so much fun with my clothes on!
Save your coins and venture East to our new bolt hole and enjoy the experience of Wear London.
“And I am up from Suede shoes to baby blues”

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